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Clannad Game.

Post by Ray on Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:01 am

(Do not use these links for your site without permission or else ill shut off my MU account that has visual novels)Well here Im uploading the clannad game for PC and voice + patch so enjoy voice patch credits go to my friend from another forum enjoy ^^ I even wrote a guide due to people having complaints.

1. Extract the game till you see a folder name clannad and open it you should see the clannad ISO (also change your comp's unicode to japanese)

2 Download Dameon tools lite

3 Use dameon tools(virtual cd/dvd rom) -> mount image to mount the clannad ISO(.cdi)

4.A clannad menu will pop up press the left option then next all the way will install the game

5. mount the game again and a middle option on the menu will be there

6. click there and the game will start enjoy clannad xDDDDD

This one has no voice patch its just for you to play the game without any thing

Now for the voice patch (back up save files if you have any xDDD)

1. Extract files to a temp folder.
2. Copy the file 'Seen.txt' and the folder 'KOE' to Clannad's root folder. You WILL be asked to overwrite the file 'Seen.txt'. Overwrite it.
3. Copy the file 'koeicon.g00' into the folder 'G00', which can be found in Clannad's root folder(My computer -> hardrive -> Key-> CLANNAD)
4. Go to Clannad's root folder and open 'Gameexe.ini' with notepad.
5. Look for the line

#FOLDNAME.KOE = "KOE" = 1 : ""

And change it to

#FOLDNAME.KOE = "KOE" = 0 : ""

ok for the unoffical english translation ( not complete may have bugs and stuff so for your own risks xD)(also back up save files)

if you want voice patch do that first the 'seen.txt' from

2. Extract it then go to clannad root folder

3. Replace the 'seen.txt' with the one you found from extracting(you should back up the jap one incase) the game and pray for nothing bad happens and enjoy xD

Clannad game download (Japan)
Part 01 -
Part 02 -
Part 03 -
Part 04 -
Part 05-
Part 06 -
Part 07 -
Part 08 -
Part 09 -
Part 10-
part 11-
Part 12-
Part 13-
Part 14-
Part 15-
Part 16-
Part 17-
Part 18-
Part 19-

Clannad translated patch english(not offical)

Voice patch(uploaded by Vul of G2)
::Clannad Voice Patch::
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

You need all 3 parts then unzip them, then you'll have 12 parts of it, unzip part 1 and all will unzip with it. Make sure all 12 parts are in the same folder.


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